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We supply a wide range of cooling systems for different applications to meet requirements of all kinds of industries.

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Closed Loop Adiabatic Liquid Cooler
Closed Loop Adiabatic Liquid Cooler represents the most efficient, clean, safe and affordable machine to deal with any process requiring water cooling in the range of temperatures between 5 and 35C (40 to 95F). It operates in closed circuit with no evaporation of process water. This is why the process is always kept clean and uncontaminated, the users scale-free, with no need of treating the water hardness; no need for make-up water; no safety, health or environmental concern; no need for permanent maintenance or risk of damages to the users. This innovative adiabatic system allows the cooler to operate in any kind of environmental conditions making it a wonderful alternative to evaporative cooling towers with remarkable advantages on running costs and the greatest respect for the environment.

Cooling system accessories:
Pumping Stations
Buffer Tanks
Water filters