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Contact-Cooled Screw Air Compressors

Power Management
Ingersoll Rand's suite of power management products allow you to operate more efficiently to help you save energy costs and the environment.
Soft Starters
Bolt on VFD's
Line Reactors

Condensate Management
Oil water separators and drain valves help make condensate management easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.
PolySep Oil Water Separators
Electronic No-Loss Drains
Pnuematic No-Loss Drains
Electronic Drain Valves

There is no better way to protect your investment in your compressed air system and extend the life of your compressor than proper use of high-quality lubricants. Ingersoll Rand offers high-quality lubricants to support all types of compressors.
Small Reciprocating Lubricant
Large Reciprocating Lubricant
Rotary Lubricant
Centrifugal Lubricant

Installation Solutions
SimplAir piping line, couplings and receiver tanks are designed to deliver clean, dry air from your compressor to your point of use.
SimplAir Piping

Filtration Solutions
From chemical filters that remove dangerous chemicals from the air before entering your machines to water filters that filter your incoming cooling water, Ingersoll Rand can provide you with a custom designed system to fit your compressed air system's needs.
Chemical Air Filtration
Water Filtration

Performance Parts
From the world's leading compressor manufacturer comes the world's greatest selection of replacement parts for any competitive compressed air system.
Advanced Airend Capabilities